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Year Book Signatures


(If you would like to add a signature...e-mail any of "The Gang of Four" and they will post it for you)



From: Phil Tudor  RIP  
To: Darlene Glaze

Darlene...You are about the cutest, nicest, cleanest girl I have had the pleasure of knowing?? Seriously your sweet & neat!! It's been fun knowing you all these years. Best of luck!..Phil "66"


From: Diana Recker
To: Darlene Glaze

Darlene!  You are such a pretty girl-so I'm sure you'll have a great time at Miami.Dont forget all the "wild" times at Fairview (and New York - Slow G__ hits the spot) I've loved it all. Hope to be seeing you next year - so dont stay cooped up at Miami with ALL those beautiful boys - come home to see your pals - I rate!  The Best of everything - but you don't really need any! (you've got it all) Don't forget "the REEKER" Always, Diana !


From: Darlene
To: Marc

Marc, I once said you were the "nicest guy in the senior guy class". Well, I was surprised one time,
but I still consider you "nice". You are by far the most even - tempered boy I've met & that's a great asset in this world. Hope all your dreams are pleasant ones! 
Love, Darlene...


From: Anonymous
To : Darlene G.

Am mailing my yearbook to you . Please sign and return to # 456743 c/o Georgia Department
of Corrections...P.S. Please send a wall size poster as well.


From: Penny N. (Meadowdale 67')
To : Tom K.

I didn't like your story. I don't like you. And you can have that stinking AXE jacket back anytime.


From : P.J.  S.
To : Everyone

"I'm sorry if I missed you while signing year books.  I have arranged for a signing event at Border's Book Store at 11:00 AM, Thursday...$100.00   cash only...no credit cards.....photos with me an additional $25.00


From : Darlene G.
To : Everyone



From:   Steve G.
To : Everyone

" I have a Mustang, and you don't"