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Tom Kender

 Things You Don't Know About Me

1.Threw a mattress out of 11th floor window of Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas after 67' Texas-OU football game.
2. Had personal tour of Spiro Agnew's (who?) Vice-Presidential airplane.
3. A year later threw away a pack of cigs that had VP  insignia on it. The only memento I had kept.
4. Had exclusive interview with first Air Force Ace of Vietnam War as a writer for the Air Force Times
5. Drained a 1/5 of Johnny Walker Black with Jim Brady, White House Press Secretary, months before he was shot.
6. Had access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in bank deposit box used for Congressional candidate in Oklahoma
7. Have never voted for a Democrat.
8. Cut umbilical cord of all three kids.
9. Saw a UFO.
10. Have flown with Chuck Norris and his family several times.
11. Watch a movie almost every day
12. Am actually very shy.
13. Am writing a book(s)












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