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Marc Jennings

1966 Graduate of Fairview High School, who

 Will soon be 62 years old
 Is a husband to the same wonderful wife for 41 years
 Is a father of two great kids whom I love
 Is a grandfather of two sweet granddaughters
 Still works and likes it
 Can still win a dance contest if held at a decent hour
 Has lost his once-modest guitar playing ability-but with a little practice…
 Loves this country and its rich history
 Retired from gymnastics after leading the Bulldogs to a 23-1 season as team captain
 Can remember a lot about 1962-1966, but not what Darlene told me to do 15 minutes ago
 Still has some secrets that will never be told
 In spite of being totally irresponsible at FHS, managed to perform well in positions of responsibility later in life
 Paid $20 for a “razor cut” haircut in Englewood the day before senior class picture was taken
 Has several Gant shirts in his closet, plus some wheat jeans and a pair of Clarks Desert Boots
 Remembers his high school phone number was Crestview 7-6137
 Still likes to drive on Frederick Pike and Dog Leg Road
 Was once called a “leader” by Dorothy Herbst as she employed flattery in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent large scale misbehavior on the NYC trip
 Lost his only FHS election, Sergeant at Arms, a position with no duties or responsibilities
 But, was elected President of AXE, a position with no duties or responsibilities
 Never had a detention, except once
 Skipped school on May Day, but found it was more fun to be at FHS
 Played in a band but was not a teen idol
 Went to college at University of Cincinnati and noticed the girls in that city were not nearly as pretty as the girls at FHS
 Would do high school all over again if given a chance
 Loves his FHS buddies, friends and classmates




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