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Alan Flatt passed away the week of June 5, 2016. If anyone has any information or an obituary please send it to me at so I can add it to this page. Bill Wagner had sent out an email and here are some of the responses. If you would like to add any comments, please do so in the box below.


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Alan Flatt passed away June 7th from cancer. I think he had an extended battle with Lymphoma.  Survived by two sons, and a wife.  We’ll try to provide more details as we get them.  bill
Thanks Bill…another reminder to stay close to our families and friends…be grateful for our time with them and cherish our shared memories…
Best to you all from (and still) 30 miles at sea…
Steve McCluskey
Box 1321
Nantucket, MA 02554
Thanks Bill for keeping us all informed about our classmates.
Steve well said we need to stay close to our families and friends.

Ken Garber
David Joffe
Very sorry to hear of his passing.  He did admit to the “malignancy issue” at our reunion.  He was very positive and upbeat.    Yes, in my professional life, I confront life and death issues every day.  However, as we age and grow older we all realize what is coming for us.  Hopefully, we can confront our own problems with the positive attitude and outlook which Alan possessed. 


Hi Bill,

If it helps a bit, here’s what I received from Dick Roisman on 6/6/16:


Hi Jeff and Phil, Alan Flatt died this morning at home in Oakland. He had been unconscious for the last two days. His wife Freddie and his sons Jesse and Henry were with him.
Jeff Wilson


David, thank you for your words of encouragement, and Bill, thanks so much for keeping us informed, however sad the news. I was really glad to have talked to Alan at the reunion also, a kind of closure as it turned out.  I know that Alan will always remain in our memories.

With warm wishes to all of you and your families,
Julie (Kitzes) Herr



Thanks David…yes a positive attitude is essential to growing old gracefully…as a Special Education teacher I deal with handicap students everyday and I realize I have absolutely no problems in my life…and no one wants to listen to complainers anyway…and believe me they are out there… I swearthere are some people out there that if you gave them a million dollars they would complain if it was in small bills…really…!!!
Steve McCluskey

Bill, et al

Thanks for keeping us informed.  I too talked to Alan at the reunion, he didn’t open up as much to his illness, but we did recall some good high school times.  Thanks also to David, Steve and Ken for their thoughts.


Darryl Hinkle



You stated it so eloquently.  Alan was a tremendous individual and will be remembered by all of us.

As we all grow older, let’s remember what fantastic classmates we had at Fairview and the good times that all of us had.

Let’s also keep in touch more o

Michael H. Deis

50 South Shore Drive

Newnan, GA 30263


Before Alan got sick, he used to stay with us when he would visit his Mother, who was at Covenant House (the Jewish Home for the Aged) in Dayton.
He would come quite often, and we reconnected after all those years.  It was always a pleasure having him because he was smart, engaging and funny.  I always enjoyed our conversations!
When his Mother died, his sons, cousins, and friends came to Dayton for the service, so I got to meet all of them.  I can say that they all loved Alan very much, which should give us comfort in knowing that he had wonderful people around him to love and care for him.
I personally will miss our emails and conversations, and may he rest in peace.

Kathy Menachof Renas



Bill, thanks for sharing this sad news…Alan was always upbeat with a great sense of humor. Even though he was already ill at the reunion, he remained positive! We had fun catching up.  The years have gone by way too fast!  I appreciate your updates of our class.
Hello to all…
Mara Dzirne Zedeker


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  1. Rob Conhaim says:

    I was in contact with Alan often since our reunion. I miss his biting political commentaries, on Facebook & via e-mail. When they came, it meant he was well enough to remain engaged. When there was silence, it was always a cause for worry. I also like that photo above of Ron, Terry, & Alan, especially since I think it’s one of mine.

    We miss you Alan! Your passing is a difficult reminder that we are all, unfortunately, getting old. On the bright side, though, we had many, many wonderful years together, and the rest of us have many more to look forward to.

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