Linda Martin Orrill

I’m hoping everyone is having a great summer …. Stay dry and ill see you in October reunion # 50

K Ullmer

Hey….we went to school with you guys….graduated just a year after, but darned if I can recognize any of these old people in the pictures on the site. Everyone I knew was still growing and maturing. Had full heads of hair and were rather sleek for the most part…Food has gotten better I guess. Hope you all have fun and remember us young-uns when you party….We’ll get around to it next year, so leave the place in tact, if you will….just another Fairviewite…..Go Bulldogs!

Debra Miller Vignocchi

I happened to be visiting Dayton the weekend of the Fairview and Colonel White 50th reunions. Even though they agreed to share the Friday night event, each had their own. It could have worked out better for both with more co-operation. Loved seeing our class gentlemen at the Shiloh Club….!

Jo Ann Timbanard

50 years??? So hard to believe. Seems like yesterday when the famous comment on the PA system came across from Jack about that it was Thursday….!!!! I remember the famous and not so infamous teachers and the fun we used to have. Great memories from our FHS days. Thanks Debra for getting the ball rolling and to Jack for always doing his part and to Tom, that I don’t know, but you must be incredible to step up to the plate and help us out! Thanks to everyone. Jo Ann Timbanard

Mary Collins Jones

“tho we haven’t met, I add my thanks for your efforts in putting together a website for us old folks!!
Mary Collins Jones

Tom Dole

Tom, I’ve enjoyed the Fairview66 website and would like to echo Barbara Weprin’s thanks for your assistance. Barbara you’re right about 50th being a scary thought!!! Tom Dole

Barbara Davis Weprin

Tom, thanks for all your hard work in getting us started with our ( 50th !!!!!!! ) reunion ~~~~~ what a scary thought !!!!! Barbara Weprin

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