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Darlene Glaze Jennings


Domestic Goddess

My unorthodox biography for an unorthodox web site.

 1966-68 Attended Miami University majoring in Marketing
 1967 Came in second place in National High Dive competition for the Olympics (points deducted for non-pointed toes). Will always be my biggest regret.
 1968 Graduated early from Miami with my MRS. Degree, egregia cum laude, thanks to MSJ University. Rah! Rah!
 1969 Had two wonderful children: Amy and Matt. All I ever wanted to do was raise them and be there for them; hoping they would become caring, generous, fantastic adults. I believe Marc and I succeeded in this goal.
o Amy graduated from Miami in 1991, is married and lives in Wyoming, OH with the two lights of our lives: Maggie and Lydia.
o Matt graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt in 1992, left for Chicago the day after graduation, and has been a trader there ever since, although he has escaped the bonds of marriage so far.
 Marcís career has taken us all over the South and Mid Atlantic, allowing us to live in some great places, some not so great. We now live near Atlanta which is just fine.
 Still have my BFF: Carole Egusa. Talking and emailing her every day helps make life wonderful.
 I found Ed Stout and Tom Kender on Face book and we enthusiastically agreed with Tomís suggestion to create this site. We all have such fun with our treasured memories of FHS. We thought they should be written down and preserved, if only for our dear classmates. I believe Fairview Alumni have a special feeling about their days there. Yes, we are all 60-ish now, but in our minds we can always go back to that place of joy. I hope these stories, and yours, will help keep our fond Fairview feelings alive forever.







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