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Go Cougars-Beat Bulldogs!

by Darlene Jennings


Go Cougars! Yes, that was the mantra said around the Glaze house, growing up. My older brother, Lionell, younger brother, Lloyd and me-we all knew where we were going to high school-Colonel White-Green & Gold-Little Colonels!

The rival of Colonel White was Fairview—ick! Blue and Gold, Scotchettes: no way! I had a Colonel White sweatshirt-kelly green; wore it proudly everywhere! All my classmates at Loos did too!

As we got a little older, moving through the grades at Loos, it became more intense. Our older siblings were at Colonel White, playing football, basketball, “Little Colonels”, it was all set. We went to the games and cheered our siblings on, cheered for the home team—Colonel White. My house was full of my older brother’s friends from Colonel White. Yes, this was going to be great when we got there!

Then the rumors began—changing the boundaries for the high schools—how could this be? Impossible! We weren’t believing it! How can one go to the rival school, much less have a sibling at the other rival school? How could we be a Little Colonel if we went to Fairview?

So many in my class did have older siblings in Colonel White: Dwight Woessner, Bill Weimerslage, Paula Cromer, Carole Egusa and Kathy Nugent were just a few!

Must have been the summer before our 7th grade year the news came out: yes, our class and the one ahead of us would be going to Fairview. Final. Done. I know my heart sank—don’t think I knew where Fairview was or anyone who had gone there. So much for riding the coattails of our older siblings; we were on our own.

Fast forward to the fall of ’62. First day at Fairview—Blue & Gold, rah, rah! Wondering how this would all turn out.

Fast forward to June of 1966. It turned out fantastic—Scotchettes, football games, basketball games, NY trip! The many, many great friends and good times! Maybe some things are just meant to be. So, what may sometimes seem like the worst thing in your life to happen can turn out to be the BEST!

Go Bulldogs, Beat Cougars!

Fight, fight for Fairview,
Win or lose we’ll fight.
Fight, fight for Fairview,
With our colors bright.
Fight, Fight for Fairview,
We will all be true.
Fight, fight for Fairview,
Fight for the Gold and Blue!