Little known facts about Fairview High School

( This author makes no claim to these facts as being true and correct. He has simply made them available to anyone interested in taking the time to read them. He makes no claim, takes no blame and has  no shame in repeating them.........Tommy Boy)


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The day Bruiser almost became Bruiseretta

Did you know.....that Bruiser nearly lost his "manhood".. or rather doghood? Yep. And what made it even more interesting was what happened during this famous Fairview incident,  would later shape one young man's life and  he would go on to become a well respected attorney.... So, follow along and read what is a Little known fact about Fairview High School.

Among the many changing mores and attitudes that were being witnessed by the Fairview High School population during the 60's was the expression of sexual freedom or in some cases a return to more Puritan times. Although the young ladies had not yet begun to burn their brassieres, they were beginning to shed their girdles and hose for a little more comfortable attire. However, members of the Administration and even some members of the Faculty were determined to put a halt to this exposure before a sexual revolution could take place.

While Bruiser  watched over the hallways  during these changing times, he gallantly stood on all fours as students would pass by and give him a pat on the head. His curious smile could be seen beneath the attempt at being rough and mean. But no one had ever bothered to approach Bruiser from behind to give a pat on his hind quarters. Until that fateful day.  Emily Gherkin, an honors student and member of the Fairview Bicycle Court, known for ...hmm.....well I'm not quite sure what they were known day was hurrying through the hallways and slipped just as she approached Bruiser from behind. As luck would have it, her nose slid right up Bruisers rear end and rested immediately under his "credentials".  While she was uninjured she was completely mortified and became irate as students began pointing and laughing at the situation.

Upon hearing of the unfortunate incident,  Felecia  Johnson, of the Dayton School board, made the proclamation that Bruiser must either be attired in pants from the waist down or a sculptor would be called in to remove his "whatchamacallits"

Well the student body was in an uproar and began  to boycott classes, suspensions were passed out like candy  and the entire Dayton community watched as what was one of the most highly thought of institutions began to crumble.

And then on this day, a day that a student, one who had begun his studies at Loos Elementary School, one who had spent his summers quietly playing baseball and enjoying life and one who loved "The Beatles" and other rock and roll groups.........stood up and stated firmly,  " I'll defend Bruiser, I'll defend the students, I'll defend America. Nobody is losing his b**** while I'm alive!"

Eddie Stout, a quiet, handsome young man was destined to greatness. At an early age, his mother noticed his ability to understand complex situations and Eddie was able to skip a grade at Loos school. Unfortunately, that left him the youngest in his class, but he persevered and tried doubly harder to succeed in everything he did. His mother, noticed her son's abilities and dressed him accordingly, so Eddie could outshine the other students. He would be the only child wearing suits in his class pictures.

Anyway, back to I had the height of the confrontation...Eddie stepped up and with the ferocity of a tiger...he declared he would take this issue to the Junior Council and even to the Supreme Court if necessary. He won the support of the Auto Club, Stage Crew Club, Chess Club, Al-Sora and even the Hall Duty people. After he gained the support of the majority of the student body, the Board of Education backed down, Bruiser was able to keep his "stuff"   and Eddie, the quiet student who only dreamed of success and charming the ladies went on to become a successful attorney, representing thousands of clients who needed an advocate.

I contacted Eddie recently and he told me, "Tommy, Bruiser has been a symbol for the toughness of  the students of Fairview. But I must tell you, I was very scared during this time and I did have an ulterior motive. I was tryin' to get the attention of certain female classmates and a certain underclasswoman and next thing I knew, I was famous. My knees were a bucklin' but I made it."

And now you know the rest of the story

Next week, how a Homecoming Queen designed her own tiara.




Fairview's One Person Bowling Team

Did you know:.....that Fairview High School at one time had a bowling team?  Yep.  And, what made it even more interesting was that the team consisted of only one member and that member was a girl. It was in 1963 and the District was looking to find a way to expand their athletic programs to be more inclusive. The funds were in short supply, so Fred Langley, a member of the Dayton School Board and an avid bowler suggested adding Bowling as a sport.

Bowling was somewhat new in the 60's and for the most part is was considered a minor sport not requiring much athletic skill.  However, it was gaining popularity with a local show on WHIO called, "Bowling for Dollars" followed Studio Wrestling and was broadcast on Saturday afternoon.

Well, you are probably wondering who the only woman bowler on the Fairview High School team......And this is a Little known fact about Fairview High School....the student was Carole Egusa Garland, Class of 1966.

And here is her story.....

"When I was a kid growing up on Ashwood I wasn't allowed to play too far away from home. Although it was a nice neighborhood, there was a family a couple of streets over with 3 boys that were known for terrorizing the neighborhood, often running around naked, so my Mom made me stay near home", the diminutive Ms. Egusa Garland stated. "So my Dad tried to find something for me to do at home. He worked at McCall's and each day he would bring home some wood from packing crates that was being thrown away and he would make different things. He was quite skilled and even built our garage",  she stated.

"Well, he saw the interest that "Bowling for Dollars" was gaining and he decided to build a bowling alley in our home. My Mom really objected but she knew that since I couldn't play too much in the neighborhood that she agreed. The bowling lane started at the front door and went through the living room down the hall thru the kitchen and ended up on the back porch", she smiled at the remembrance. " Dad had built it to regulation size and each piece of the packing crate was sanded smooth and glued down so there wasn't the slightest crack in the lane. Dad and I practiced late until the night after I had finished my homework despite the constant complaining from neighbors"

"Well, by the time I got to Fairview, and was in my sophomore year, I was averaging around 180 a game.....and then I heard the announcement on the Intercom....Fairview would have a bowling team!....I couldn't believe it". I went down and saw Mr. Feuer, and he wasn't going to let me be on the team....but no one else had signed up....he didn't want to embarrass the school in front of the Dayton School Board and he agreed"

"The only thing I needed was a cool bowling shirt and a good coach. My Mom was an excellent seamstress so the shirt wasn't a problem and my luck continued when I learned that Miss Calico, a Fairview General Science Teacher, was an excellent bowler and with her science and mathematic skills, each night we would plot the correct approach down the lane and just how much spin I should put on the ball. I promptly raised my average to 250 and although I had to bowl all 4 places on the team, I took first place in the District and later finished second in State. "

"One of the problems I had though was, I had to practice all of the time and would run over to Bowlerama on Siebenthaler  and since most of us girls wore girdles or garter belts to hold our hose up,   it would took me so long to change,  so I began wearing white socks with my loafers and suddenly I was setting a fashion trend."

"Well the bowling season only lasted that one year and I  later joined Scotchettes. But bowling  was the greatest time of my life. Unfortunately, since no one came to my games and the sport was removed after one year  there was no record of it ever taking place...but you know, it gave me great satisfaction to have participated in that activity and in a way, I kinda owe those boys over on Sandhurst a debt of gratitude because had they not tormented me, I probably would never had learned to bowl."

And now you know the rest of the story.....

Next week...."How Bruiser almost became Bruisetta and how that incident changed one young man's life .