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Darlene Glaze Jennings


Domestic Goddess

My unorthodox biography for an unorthodox web site.

 1966-68 Attended Miami University majoring in Marketing
 1967 Came in second place in National High Dive competition for the Olympics (points deducted for non-pointed toes). Will always be my biggest regret.
 1968 Graduated early from Miami with my MRS. Degree, egregia cum laude, thanks to MSJ University. Rah! Rah!
 1969 Had two wonderful children: Amy and Matt. All I ever wanted to do was raise them and be there for them; hoping they would become caring, generous, fantastic adults. I believe Marc and I succeeded in this goal.
o Amy graduated from Miami in 1991, is married and lives in Wyoming, OH with the two lights of our lives: Maggie and Lydia.
o Matt graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt in 1992, left for Chicago the day after graduation, and has been a trader there ever since, although he has escaped the bonds of marriage so far.
 Marc’s career has taken us all over the South and Mid Atlantic, allowing us to live in some great places, some not so great. We now live near Atlanta which is just fine.
 Still have my BFF: Carole Egusa. Talking and emailing her every day helps make life wonderful.
 I found Ed Stout and Tom Kender on Face book and we enthusiastically agreed with Tom’s suggestion to create this site. We all have such fun with our treasured memories of FHS. We thought they should be written down and preserved, if only for our dear classmates. I believe Fairview Alumni have a special feeling about their days there. Yes, we are all 60-ish now, but in our minds we can always go back to that place of joy. I hope these stories, and yours, will help keep our fond Fairview feelings alive forever.


 Marc Jennings

1966 Graduate of Fairview High School, who

 Will soon be 62 years old
 Is a husband to the same wonderful wife for 41 years
 Is a father of two great kids whom I love
 Is a grandfather of two sweet granddaughters
 Still works and likes it
 Can still win a dance contest if held at a decent hour
 Has lost his once-modest guitar playing ability-but with a little practice…
 Loves this country and its rich history
 Retired from gymnastics after leading the Bulldogs to a 23-1 season as team captain
 Can remember a lot about 1962-1966, but not what Darlene told me to do 15 minutes ago
 Still has some secrets that will never be told
 In spite of being totally irresponsible at FHS, managed to perform well in positions of responsibility later in life
 Paid $20 for a “razor cut” haircut in Englewood the day before senior class picture was taken
 Has several Gant shirts in his closet, plus some wheat jeans and a pair of Clarks Desert Boots
 Remembers his high school phone number was Crestview 7-6137
 Still likes to drive on Frederick Pike and Dog Leg Road
 Was once called a “leader” by Dorothy Herbst as she employed flattery in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent large scale misbehavior on the NYC trip
 Lost his only FHS election, Sergeant at Arms, a position with no duties or responsibilities
 But, was elected President of AXE, a position with no duties or responsibilities
 Never had a detention, except once
 Skipped school on May Day, but found it was more fun to be at FHS
 Played in a band but was not a teen idol
 Went to college at University of Cincinnati and noticed the girls in that city were not nearly as pretty as the girls at FHS
 Would do high school all over again if given a chance
 Loves his FHS buddies, friends and classmates




Ed Stout                



I am a lawyer, but that doesn’t necessarily make me a bad person.


I haven’t always been a lawyer. At various times in my life, I’ve been someone who:

 Tried to dance like James Brown
 Taught school for six years
 Hopped a freight train in college
 Was a child of the 50s who spent countless hours in front of a black and white television, “Meeska, Mooska, Mousketeer, …;” “Born on a mountain top in Tennessee … “
 Once loved the Cincinnati Redlegs but has since changed allegiance to the Atlanta Braves
 Has hiked the High Line Trail in Glacier National Park
 Has seen Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Emmylou Harris, Tony Bennett, Robert Earl Keen, Doc Watson, Ralph Stanley, James Brown, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Linda Ronstadt, Sam Bush, The Byrds, Roy Orbison, and Ray Charles in concert.
 Is very proud of his family, especially his grandson
 Won the ciphering championship in Mrs. Harshbarger’s 4th grade class, West Milton, Ohio. Don’t laugh-it was my sole academic award until I got to college.
 Coached youth baseball for 20 years
 Has never been snow skiing
 Is generally familiar with the products of this site’s benevolent sponsors
 Was a terrible student at Fairview High School but who turned out to be a pretty good college student and an even better law student
 Went to Abraham Lincoln’s house on his 200th birthday
 In high school waffled back and forth between Canoe and English Leather
 Operated a freight elevator at Rikes’ Department Store
 Now believes Oswald killed JFK, but is still not 100% sure he acted alone
 Got very lucky in marriage
 Cried when Ole Yeller died and will sometimes tear up at the end of Field of Dreams
 Was born on Flag Day, which may explain my keen sense of patriotism

In my opinion, mine, like George Bailey’s, has been a wonderful life.



Tom Kender

 Things You Don't Know About Me

1.Threw a mattress out of 11th floor window of Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas after 67' Texas-OU football game.
2. Had personal tour of Spiro Agnew's (who?) Vice-Presidential airplane.
3. A year later threw away a pack of cigs that had VP  insignia on it. The only memento I had kept.
4. Had exclusive interview with first Air Force Ace of Vietnam War as a writer for the Air Force Times
5. Drained a 1/5 of Johnny Walker Black with Jim Brady, White House Press Secretary, months before he was shot.
6. Had access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in bank deposit box used for Congressional candidate in Oklahoma
7. Have never voted for a Democrat.
8. Cut umbilical cord of all three kids.
9. Saw a UFO.
10. Have flown with Chuck Norris and his family several times.
11. Watch a movie almost every day
12. Am actually very shy.
13. Am writing a book(s)